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second world war years



Chapter 1 (1939)

1: Newsreel footage(War) : “Keep Smiling”/ENSA newsreel

2: “Pathetone Parade”: Rupert Hazell & Elsie Dean

3: “Viscount” (dog act)

Chapter 2

4: Sidney Burchall (Britone) (song): “The Lady Of Armentieres”

5: Stetson (juggler)

6: Arthur Prince & Jim (ventriloquist)

Chapter 3

7: Cyril Fletcher (comedy  patter)

8: Peter Sinclare (Scots song): “Frugal Dougal”

Chapter 4

9: Jimmy Rogers (comedian/magician)

10: Mantovani (violin)

 11: Monte (Monty) Morris (balancing act/stilts)

12: Lance Fairfax (Baritone) (song): “The Deathless Army”

Chapter 5

13: Robb Wilton (courtroom sketch)

Chapter 6

14: Gracie Fields (newsreel)”Sing As We Go”/”I’m Sending a Letter To Santa Claus”/”Wish Me Luck”

Chapter 7 (1940)

15: “Cheerio Crusade” (newsreel): (with Jack Warner/Will Fyffe)

16: Arthur Askey/Richard “Stinker” Murdoch (newsreel)(“Band Wagon” sketch)/Gracie Fields “Land Of Hope and Glory”

17: Robert Ashley (Baritone) (song): “We Drink To Those We Love”

Chapter 8

18: Max Wall (comedian/impressions)

19: Jack and Eddie Eden (song): “It’s Turned Out Nice Again”

20: The Three New Yorkers (juggling)

Chapter 9

21: Teddy Brown (xylophonist)

22: jack Warner & Jeff Darnell (piano & vocals) (song): “We’re Just a Pair of Foreign Legionnaires”

Chapter 10

23: Joe Loss & His Band (song): “Rhythm In the Alphabet”

24: George Formby (newsreel) (songs): “When I’m Cleaning Windows”/”Imagine Me In the Maginot Line”

Chapter 11

25: Ronald Frankau (song): “Don’t Let’s Sing About the War”

26: Sidney Burchall (Baritone) (song): “The Marching Song”

27: May Wong (contortionist)

Chapter 12

28: The Three Vriginians (song): “Roll Out the Barrel”

29:  Newsreel: into Richard Hassett (impersonations) “Street Cries”

30: Tommy Trevor & Partner (juggling)

Chapter 13

31: Afrique (impressions)

32: Bernard Clifton (Baritone) (song): “A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square”

33: Gracie Fields (newsreel) (song): “As We March Along Together”

34: Gracie Fields (newsreel) (song): “Sally” (Navy Concert)

Chapter 14 (1941)

35: George Formby (newsreel) fund-raising (song): “Working Down the Old Coal Hole”

36: George Formby (newsreel) Salvage Collection

Chapter 15

37: Reading & Grant (acrobatics/trampoline)

38: Gracie Fields (newsreel) Gracie In Britain

39: Malcolm McEachern (“Jetsam”) (Bass) (song): “Convoy Ahoy!”

Chapter 16

40: “Pathetone Parade Of 1941” (compere Ronald Frankau) intro : Ronald Frankau

41: Mantovani & His Orchestra

42: Norman Evans (comedy impersonations)

Chapter 17

43: Sidney Burchall (Baritone) (song): “Old Pete, the Postman”

44: Rollo, Earle & Carole (rollerskating)

Chapter 18

45: Teddy Brown (xylophonist)

46: Mah Foo (juggling)

Chapter 19

47: Sandy MacPherson (organist) “Any Broken Hearts To Mend”

48: Newman Mond (aka Norman Bond) (billiard tricks)

Chapter 20

49: Jack Jackson & His Band “Poet & Peasant Overture”

50: Robb Wilton (comedy song): “I’m One Of the Lads In Blue”

Chapter 21

51: Ronald Frankau signing off

40 – 51 “Pathetone Parade Of 1941”

52: Malcolm McEachern (“Jetsam”) (Bass) (song): “Spread Your Wings”

53: Max Wall (comedy/song): “Everything Was Champion After That”

54: Raymond Newall (Baritone) (song): “London Will Rise Again”


Chapter 22

55: Cyril Fletcher (comedian)

56: Mantovani & His Octette “When Our Dreams Grow Old”

57: Bud Flanagan joins the Home Guard (newsreel)

58: Gracie Fields In the USA (newsreel)

Chapter 23 (1942)

59: Sidney Burchall (baritone) (song): “This Is Worth Fighting For”

60: Tommy Trinder introduces The Quads Of Song: “The Pennsylvania Polka”

Chapter 24

61: The Pavians (balancing act)

62: Mario Lorenzi (harp) : “Hold That Tiger”

63: Marie Wilson (trick cyclist)

64: Peter Sinclare (song): “Mothers Of the Motherland”

65: Manette (contortionist)

Chapter 25 (1943)

66: Big Bill Campbell & His Rocky Mountaineers (song): “Mighty Tough In the West”

Chapter 26

67: Josie Torina (?) (female muscle act)

68: Cyril Fletcher (comedian)

Chapter 27

69: Flanagan & Allen (newsreel) (song) : ”Underneath the Arches”

70: Peter Mike Coates (impersonations)* see item 80 (same person: Peter Cavanagh)

Chapter 28

71: Sidney Burchall (Baritone) (song): “The Bells Of Malta”

72: Rasanna (?) (balancing act)

Chapter 29

73: The Moscow Singers  (song): “Comrades”

74: Gracie home in Rochdale (newsreel)

75: Jitterbug/Rhythm  item (newsreel)

Chapter 30

76: Ronald Frankau (comedy) “After the War”

Chapter 31

77: Florence Desmond with Flanagan & Allen (newsreel)

78: Peter Brough (ventriloquist)

Chapter 32

79: Margaret Eaves (song): “When Big ben Chimes”

80: Peter Cavanagh (impersonations* (see item 70: same person as Peter Mike Coates)

81: Mantovani: “The Moon In An Old Lagoon”

Chapter 33

82: Robb Wilton (courtroom sketch)

Chapter 34 (1944)

83: Tommy Trinder (newsreel)

84: Kenway & Young/Charles Coburn/Cyril Fletcher /Hitler (in the negative)

Chapter 35

85: Emile Koraschenko (muscleman)

86: Bennett & Williams (comedians)

Chapter 36

87: Frank’s Famous Terriers (dog act)

88: Malcolm McEachern (“Jetsam”) (song): “The Changing Of the Guard”

Chapter 37

89: Jack Simpson (xylophonist)”Pop Goes the Weasel”

90: Home Guard disbands (newsreel)/concert in Albert Hall : George Robey/Vi Loraine/Vera Lynn

Chapter 38 (1945)

91: Tommy Trinder “National Insurance” short

92: Kay Cavendish (song): “I’m Gonna Love That Guy”

Chapter 39

93: Petula Clark (newsreel) (song): “Mighty Lak a Rose”

Chapter 40

94: Gracie Fields in Brisbane (newsreel)

95: ITMA’s farewell party (newsreel)

Chapter 41

96: End Of War In Europe (newsreel) “Roll Out the Barrel”

97: Vera Lynn at Albert Hall (newsreel) (song): “Lili Marlen”

98: Gracie Fields Looks Back (newsreel excerpts) (bonus feature)


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  1. siriami

    That concludes all the “Variety Acts & Turns” DVDs I have in my collection at the moment – there is a “Post-war Years” one – but I don’t have that (yet!)

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