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prewar years



Chapter 1(1938)

1: The Radio Revellers (song): “Tavern In the Town”

2: Kenway & Young (comedy)

3: Trefor Jones (tenor) (song): “Here’s To the Best Of Us”

4: “Paradise On Parade” (cabaret)

5: Elsa Stenning (The Australian Nightingale) (song):  “Ma Curly-Headed Babby”

6: Louise Maxim (juggler)

7: Oliver Wakefield (comedian)

8: Robert Wilson (song): “Take This Heart”

9: The Four Aces (comedy)

10: Talbot O’Farrell (tenor) (song): “There’s a Little Green Heaven”

11: The Hillbillies (song medley)

12: Suzette Tarri (comedienne)

13: John Stein & His Orchestra (musicians): “Santa Lucia”

14: The Four Aces (song): “You Got To Take Your Pick and Swing”

CHAPTER 2 (1939)

15: Joe Termini (comedian: banjo)

16: Maxwell Stewart & His Ballroom Melody Band (music): “If I Had You”/”Cherokee”

17: The Millfields (?) (juggling act)

18: Lance Fairfax (song): “On Away Awake Beloved”

19: Max & Harry Nesbitt (comedians)

20: Renee Dymott (dance)

21: Florence De Jong (organist)”Le Misere”/”Grand March from Tannhauser”

22: issy Bonn (comedian)

23: Nicholas Zeff (strongman)

24: Nicholas Toner (finger practice for pianists) “The Blue Danube”

25: Jimmy Rogers (magician)

26: Continental Circus excerpts

27: Sidney Burchall (song): “The Gay Highway”

28: Lorenzi (harp): medley

CHAPTER 3 (1939)

29: Robert Ashley (song):  “By the Lakes Of Killarney I Met Her”

30: Richard Goolden (“Mr Penny”) sketch

31: The Six Harmonists (song): “When You’re Smiling”

32: The Chickolas (acrobats)

33: George La Tour (juggling)

34: Gold & Cordell (dance) (knock-off of “The Continental”!)

35: Veronica (cabaret dancer ) 8000 kicks!

36: Elsa Stenning (song): “La Paloma”

37: The Peters Sisters (newsreel: flying to Paris)

38: Norman Long (comedy and song): “Working For the Mayor and Corporation”

39: Gordon Holden (baritone) (song): Here’s To the Ladies”

40: Robert Harbin (magician)

41: The St. David’s Singers (choir) (song): “Coming Along”

CHAPTER 4 (1939)

42: Wilfrid Briton (strongman)

43: The Exquisite Three (dance)

44: The Four Aces (hunting routine)

45: Jack Simpson & His Beachcombers (song): “On Paradise Isle”

46: The Yuk Ching troupe (acrobats)

47: Dan Donovan (song): “The Rocky Road To Dublin”

48: Finlay & Worth (dance)

49: Fred Latham (baritone) (song): “The Same Old Story”

50: Rollo, Earl & Carol (rollerskating t rio)

51: Ronald Frankau (comedy and song)

52: The Cotrillos (jugglers)

53: Bennett & Williams (comedy and music)

54: Danny Lipton (dance)

Chapter 5 (1939)

55: Eric Woodburn “La Marseillaise”

56: “London After Midnight” (Paradise Club, London/Cabaret excerpts)

57: Sidney Burchall (song): “The Lord Mayor’s Coachman”

58: The Four Lazanders (acrobats)

59: The Waldorf Brass Quintet “A Perfect Day”

60: The Royal Artillery Band “Coronation Bells”

61: Reginald Foort (organist)

62: Ma Fu (juggler)

63: Leslie Jefferys (violin)

Chapter 6 (1939)

64: Felix Mendelssohn’s Hawaiian Serenaders: “Song Of the Islands”

65: Tamiroff & Tamara (dance) “Dance of the Spirits”

66: Tarrant Bailey (banjo)

67: Jack Lawrence (talk)

68: The Modernaires (dance)

69: Raymond Newell (baritone)(song): “Slowcoach”

70: Gaston Palmer (juggler)

71: Gerald Nodin (song): “Well Known Round Here”

72: The Two Leslies (comedy)

73: Draper & Lindon (dancers)


Chapter 7

74: Eric Woodburn (song): “Texas Dan”

75: John McHugh (tenor) (song): “You’re Mine”

76: Toni Borello (trapeze)

77: Tollefsen & His Music (accordionist)

78: Eddi Pola (singer): “Twisted Tunes”

79: Fred Latham (baritone)(song): “They Say”

80: Bille Hale and cast rehearsing at Drury Lane for NAAFI show


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