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Little Arrows

man hunt

Man Hunt (Fritz Lang: 1941 20th Century Fox) The recent Twilight Time blu-ray of one of Fritz Lang’s classic suspense films. Walter Pidgeon is surprisingly good as the stiff-upper lipped Brit hero, and Joan Bennett (despite a dodgy Cockerney accent) looks luminescent as the female lead. But George Sanders excels – and steals the film – as a German/British baddie. Looking remarkably like Lang himself (the monocle helps) George paces and growls Germanically (or should that be Germaniacally) as Pidgeon’s adversary. His German accent and speech are far more convincing than Bennett’s dire Pearly-queen accent. The scenes in 20th Century-Fox’s London are a little off-kilter though. Renault taxis weren’t part of the traffic scene in 1940’s London, as far as I am aware, and that Underground train looked distinctly as though it emanated from the Bronx!

Great film, nonetheless.

And to follow……….. Man Hunt – the CD!

man hunt_la la land 2014

man hunt cd back

Just released in October 2014 by La La Land Records in the US, is their limited edition CD (1500 units) of the original soundtrack music by Alfred Newman. 16 tracks from the original music stems, as recorded on the Fox scoring stage on  May 26 and 27 1941.

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  1. Vienna ⋅

    I always think of the beginning of this film. One of the best ever.

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